Ozera Farm 

Odessa, Florida 

Site Area:     9,145 sf

Built Area:    2,240

Completion: 2016 

Due to the emergence of coyotes in Florida since the early '70s, sheep producers have been forced into action to protect their herd at night when they are most vulnerable. The project's goal was solely based on the need to provide protective shelter for the flock from predators while integrating a space for essential checkups and treatment with ease.


The design maintains an open-style barn that can house up to forty sheep. Because of Florida's subtropical environment, protection from the cold is not needed. Thus, by using different gages of metal wire, we were able to provide optimal ventilation without compromising safety. The barn also aids in minimizing the amount of stress an animal undergoes during checkups and treatment. A narrow shoot on the western side is used to guide the sheep to four different stalls.  Once the flock enters the shoot, all doors to the stalls can be locked in order to confine them together in an orderly line.  This setup allows the sheep to remain calm during handling. The shoot forces them to walk, in a line over fifty feet of rough concrete daily. This detail helps to maintain the animal's hooves, which would otherwise need to be routinely trimmed.


A six-foot porch extension was placed along the west side to enhance the handler's experience.  This provides shelter to the shepherd, thereby maintaining a more comfortable and shaded working environment, which can be used for storage or leisure, once the day's work is complete.   




Sanger Residence Floor Plan.jpg