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Florida Modern House 01

Tampa, Florida 

Site Area: 

Built Area:  

The design for this prototypical residence was developed to fit within a sub-urban neighborhood in tropical climates and aims to rethink the stereotypical front-yard/rear-yard layout distribution often seen in single-family construction. Guided by sustainability and a total communication of spaces with each other and the outdoors, the house enjoys a strong relationship with its surroundings and creates various conditions ideal for a Florida lifestyle.


The shotgun-style approach to the layout gives us the opportunity to create a long side yard that connects to every space inside the home, revealing views of a private landscape in the process. This re-distribution of areas also provides a greater sense of security and allows the owners to enjoy more of their property.


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Through the use of passive design strategies and local materials, we sought to create a serene environment that implements simple solutions to achieve climate comfort, including an oolite stone privacy wall, terrazzo floors, and an aluminum louver system.

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01- Den

02 - Kitchen

03 - Dining 

04 - Mechanical

05 - Powder Bath 

06 - Garage  

07 - Rear Patio

08 - Side Patio 

09 - Driveway

10 - Master Bedroom 

11 - Master Bathroom

12 - Master Closet 

13 - Bedroom

14 - Landing 

15 - Laundry Closet

16 - Rooftop Patio

17 - Balcony